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As a professional mechanic, I'm constantly getting bumps and bruises, but in June 2016 I was working on the cooling system of a BMW, and the temperature had reached 240 degrees. Just as I had leaned over the engine to check why the cooling fans weren't working, the top of the radiator blew up in my face. Because hot coolant is sticky, this boiling liquid just stuck to my face and literally cooked me. Blinded, I made my way to the sink and flooded it with cold water, but the pain was already excruciating. My lips and chin, and a 3 inch patch across my nose were clear blisters. I had to get a ride home, holding an ice bag on my face. My sister Jenny brought "burn salve" that she had compounded to me and I began applying it very lightly on my face. The product soothed the burn, helped with the pain, and I'm proud to say that even after my lips completely peeled off, I have absolutely NO scaring, and parts of my face had 3rd degree burns. I highly recommend this product, it saved my face!  Steven Turner